President's Message


Greetings!  Although I have worked in Police Records for almost 30 years and been a member of CLEARS for almost the same amount of time, this is my first time on the Board.  I am truly honored to hold the positon of President and I am fully committed to leading our Chapter with the same exemplary professionalism, enthusiasm and innovativeness as my predecessors.

The Northern Chapter remains strong and successful because of the determination, wealth of knowledge and diverse experience of the many professionals who are a part of this great organization.  I strongly encourage you to get involved with the Chapter if you haven’t done so already.   You will find it to be a very rewarding experience.

I am excited we were quickly able to fill our training schedule this year.  There were so many offers to host from member agencies across our Chapter we began scheduling into 2020!  I am truly grateful for their willingness to make this commitment.  Our goal is to always provide quality training topics relevant to the challenges many of us are facing – whether it be changes in legislation or supervisory/leadership hurdles we regularly encounter.  Be sure to check the training announcements regularly and come join us!

I am also looking forward to the Training & Technology Seminar in Reno, Nevada this year.  As always, we anticipate it to be a successful event as we continue our partnerships with the government agencies and numerous vendors you expect to deliver the information and products needed to keep your agency on the forefront of our industry.

Take advantage of the information and resources CLEARS has to offer.  Become a member or renew today.  We are also very grateful for the retired and Lifetime members who continue to offer support and contributions to our Chapter. I look forward to meeting you!    I can be reached at (925) 809-7725 or

Sonia Cardinale
Brentwood Police Department
Northern Chapter President