CLEARS provides a forum for research and the exchanging of ideas and knowledge with other law enforcement and criminal justice members throughout the state of California. Through your involvement in CLEARS you can stay on the cutting edge of fast-breaking changes in pertinent laws, codes, procedures, management techniques and the latest equipment.

  • Active Membership ~ If you are a Supervisor or Manager in charge of Criminal Justice agency records and supervise or manage any support function of Criminal Justice agency records keeping, this is for you.

  • Associate Membership ~ If you work in a Criminal Justice agency that has an interest in the CLEARS organization and its goal, this is for you.

New members may join at any time.

Annual Active membership fee per calendar year is $75.00. The renewal period for any membership is October 1st through September 30 of following year.


Clears Northern Chapter Membership Application

Payment received before 1/1/23 use this application

Payments received after 1/1/23 use this application